Hello, friend. I’ve just been informed by the lettings people that they’ve likely found a new tenant for the apartment I currently rent. This time next week, I will have probably vacated. Two months ago I had a steady job, a nice apartment and a long-term girlfriend — now I have nothing. My life feels so empty right now.

I considered staying here, but — as tough as it is — I know I have to move on. Have you seen that Ben Affleck movie The Town? There’s a quote in that film that goes something like: “I’m leaving this city. Maybe if I go, I can stop looking.” This apartment was mine and hers. By leaving, maybe I can start a new chapter and stop dwelling on the past.

My mum has said I can stay with her until I am able to get a new job and a place of my own. I’m hesitant, though. She has a full house already and I don’t want to impose, but I’m not so proud to deny that I need some help right now. I feel very alone and I need some guidance.

All this drama feels as if it happened so long ago, but my heart still aches and I feel no solace. I’ve been stuck in limbo for a while, so maybe a change is what I need. I hope I can get my life back on track. I hope my next entry will be more positive.


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